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Terms and Conditions

Please check the information you've entered above (please inform Sydney Forex Pty Ltd by phone or in Writing to change anything you like), and review the Terms and Conditions below.

  • Sydney Forex Pty Ltd, Suite 13-14, 168 Haldon Street Lakemba, NSW 2195 (SFPL) is a registered company ABN 15 111 743 750.
  • Sender refers to a person sending funds to Receiver via SFPL or its nominated agent and Receiver refers to a person receiving funds via SFPL or its nominated agent.
  • SFPL provides a money transfer service whereby SFPL facilitates the transmission of your funds to a person overseas; and/or Funds from a person overseas to you.
  • These terms and conditions apply to and govern all money transfers and associated services between you and SFPL.
  • Money transfers can be sent or received from the office of SFPL within the working hours. At present SFPL working hours are 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and are subject to change.
  • To send a money transfer you must fill the SFPL application form with all the details required and provide a valid photo identification document acceptable to SFPL. You warrant that all information you supply to SFPL is and shall remain accurate and complete.
  • SFPL will use the information provided in this form in order to make available to you money transfer services. SFPL may store your personal information in its data base for the purpose of the administration of its ongoing relationship with you. You have the right to request a copy of certain personal information that SFPL holds about you. SFPL will not share your information with any third parties except as required by law.
  • It is your responsibility to provide SFPL with correct details when using SFPL money transfer services. Further you warrant to SFPL that any money transfer received or sent is for lawful purposes and the information provided to SFPL is correct.
  • SFPL is not under any obligation to accept your application and may decline the same at SFPL discretion.
  • To send a money transfer, you are required to first make payment in cash at the office of SFPL, or deposit cash or cheque in SFPL nominated bank account or transfer funds to SFPL nominated account through internet. Under any mode of payment, your application will only be processed after making the payment by you and against clear available funds in cash or in SFPL account.
  • Maximum permissible amount per transaction for payment to the receiver in cash or deposit in his account at the destination country will apply. Ask SFPL staff for the limits applicable to your transfer.
  • SFPL is required by law to report all send and receive money transfer transactions to regulatory authority. A separate reporting is made to regulatory authority if the amount received or paid A$10,000 or above in cash.
  • For money transfer to some countries or in the period of promotion announced by SFPL from time to time, SFPL do not recover any fees or charges from its clients. However, in case of larger amounts, where per transaction limit is applied, the first transaction will be free of cost, whereas subsequent transactions will bear normal fees and charges.
  • SFPL display exchange rates of various currencies on its web site, which are for indication only and subject to change at any time. Before sending money you must ask and agree the exchange rate given by SFPL and make payment in equivalent local currency plus SFPL fees and charges by cash, cheque or internet transfer. Also make sure the currency and total amount available for payment to the receiver in receive country.
  • Unless you book or agree an exchange rate with SFTL before making the payment, the money transfer will be processed by SFPL at the then prevailing rate after deduction of its fees and charges if any.
  • In addition to the service fees and charges applicable in your money transfer, there will be difference in exchange rate set by SFPL for you and received by SFPL from its correspondents. Any exchange rate benefit between the exchange rate given to you and received by SFPL will be kept by SFPL.
  • SFPL accepts no further responsibility after funds have been paid over the counter, or by cheque handed over personally to the receiver or dispatched at his address or deposited in his nominated account.
  • Payment of a money transfer may in some circumstances be subject to local taxes and/or service or administrative charges for which the sender and/or receiver may be liable.
  • There may be taxation or Goods or Services (GST) implications for you in sending or receiving a money transfer. SFPL advises you to obtain an independent advice from your tax agent or accountant about any such liability or benefit.
  • SFPL will refund the principal amount of a money transfer upon a written request of the sender if payment to the recipient is not made within 45 days.
  • After processing the transaction, if you, for any genuine reason need to cancel the transaction and ask for the refund, your request will only be processed upon your written cancellation request. SFPL will contact its overseas correspondent and request to cancel the transaction and refund the amount. SFPL will only make the refund to you on receipt of clear funds from its overseas correspondent less SFPL’s cancellation charges and any deduction if made by overseas correspondent. Any exchange difference due to exchange rate fluctuation between the rates fixed for the transaction and the rate prevailing on the date of cancellation of transaction will also be deducted from the refund amount.
  • SFPL does not guarantee the delivery of the money transfer. You are cautioned against sending money to any person you do not know. In no event shall SFPL or any of its agents or staff members be liable for damages for the delay, non payment or underpayment of this money transfer. In no event SFPL or its agent or staff be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.
  • SFPL is not liable to carry out SFPL's obligations referred to in these terms and conditions if it is not reasonably practicable for SFPL to do so for reasons or events outside SFPL's control including but not limited to earthquake, or other act of God, war, loss of telecommunications or essential services, terrorist attack etc.
  • SFPL reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice to you at any time.
  • These terms and conditions are to be governed by any construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales.

I certify that I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions and confirm to receive account related communications
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